The first institution of a child where he learns is his/her home. Bringing up a childish a voyage and as a parent you are the key navigator of your child's growth.

Here are a few tips:

1. Create a loving, supportive and educational environment at home. Spend quality time with your children. Discuss with them about their studies. Effective communication can help you understand your child's actions and motivation. Communication is a two way process, listen to your child with genuine interest which will enable your child to reciprocate by sharing his/her thoughts.

2. While talking with teens step into their world and keep an open mind. This creates an environment of trust and your teenage child feels assured that he/she can confide in you.

3. Keep a watch on the daily activities of your children and see that they don't utilize their time and energy in unwanted activities.

4. Establish family routine that include time for completing home assignments, completing daily chores, eating meals as a family and having a regular bed time and reading time. Make them responsible to lead any task, enhance self-esteem point out his/her best quality which has helped your family have a better perspective.

5. Limit the amount of time the child spends watching TV. Parents should help children choose TV shows that will enhance learning, pay attention to their netsurfing habits, use of mobiles and other electronic gadgets on regular basis.

6. Each child is unique and has his/her own gifts and talents to bring to the world. Our job as teachers and parents is to help bring out those gifts, first to let the child know that he/she is special and second encourage them to develop his/her individuality. Acknowledge the child's good behavior in front of others also try to make them known the consequence of the deliberate wrong actions. Never compare them with other siblings/others. Every child is 'unique' and one cannot change that individuality.

You have to dream before the dream comes true.
—Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam